Stony Hill History

  1. "Stony Hill From 1800-1964" by Alberta Lowder Boggan
  2. Contributions from Bonnie Mullinix Springer
  3. Contributions from Eunice Plyer
  4. The 1957 Dedication of the Fellowship Hall contributed by Joe Ingram
  5. "Stony Hill UMC Honors Member" by Lois Ray
  6. "The Upping Stone" by Tevis Smith
  7. A Marker for the Original Site
  8. "The Old Cemetery Marker" by Mike O'Neill
  9. A 1916 map showing Stony Hill contributed by Harold Holt
  10. Easter 1948 bulletin contributed by Robert Forrest Lowder
  11. 2007 Revival
  12. 1899 Cemetery Lot Purchase from Jane Hartsell Brown
  13. Deed for 2nd location from Myrna Clodfelter Davis
  14. Men's Sunday School Class in 1925