History of Stony Hill United Methodist Women

In the year 1937 The Rev. G.L. Wilkinson, pastor of Stony Hill Church, organized The Ladies Missionary Society. The charter members were as follows: Mrs. Ellen Parker Kirk, deceased, Miss Dera Kirk, Mrs. Gelia Kirk Talbert, Mrs. Nora Misenheimer Redwine, deceased, Mrs. Ardelia Stoker Cranford, deceased, Mrs. Lucille Cranford Mullinix, deceased, Mrs. G.L. Wilkinson, deceased, Mrs. Virginia Hinson Stoker, Mrs. Jane Stoker Mullinix, deceased, and Mrs. Mary Frank Crowell Shaver, deceased. Stony Hill at this time was in the Salisbury District which would become the Albemarle District in 1959.

The Ladies Missionary Society held their meetings on Sunday afternoons at the church. Later, they met in individual homes. Of course, the district meetings were held in Salisbury.

While Rev. Wilkinson was still pastor of Stony Hill, the name of the society was changed from Ladies Missionary Society to Women's Society of Christian Service. This was in 1939.

Charter member Virginia Stoker remembers going to a district meeting in Salisbury with Rev. and Mrs. Wilkinson. Rev. Wilkinson remarked on the way back to Albemarle that the name of Ladies Missionary Society had already been changed to Women's Society of Christian Service. (Just two years after he organized the group.)

In 1968 Virginia Stoker was awarded a Special Membership in the Woman's Society of Christian Service. During that year, 1968, the ladies in the Woman's Society of Christian Service from Stony Hill gave $207.00 to missions!

In 1973 the Women's Society of Christian Service's name was changed to it's present name of United Methodist Women. This was after the merging and uniting of churches in 1972 to form the United Methodist Churches, so Stony Hill became Stony Hill United Methodist Church.

The United Methodist Women of Stony remained as only one unit until 1973, when a second circle was formed. This meant two circles with chairpersons and a president of the United Methodist Women. At present Stony Hill's UMW has twenty-five members.

This is the history of the United Methodist Women of Stony Hill United Methodist Church as of January 16, 1992 as told to Sally Stoker by charter member Virginia Stoker.


A copy of a memorial sent to the family of Mary Blevin Ingram revealed the existence of a Ladies Aid Society of Stony Hill in 1910. This resolution memorial for Mary Blevin Ingram was signed by Mrs. P.W. Tucker, Mrs. C.M. Gentry, Mrs. John T. Kirk, and Mrs. T.B. Mullinix and was to be recorded in the minutes of Stony Hill's Ladies Aid Society.